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Free Domain Name

A domain name - that was what I needed for my yet-to-be-made web site. I had it all figured out. I got a website design and textual, visual and aural content plan, I knew that I required a Linux website hosting solution and that I needed to register a domain name.

Asking Around Delivers Results

My main dilemma was what domain to select for my site. It had to be easy-to-memorize, attractive, and, well, free to register! I examined quite a few before I found one that had not been registered yet, but then I noticed the inordinate price, as I had selected a .co.uk domain. These country-code domains are clearly more expensive than the widespread .com, .net, .org, etc. Top-Level Domains. With my minimal allowance, I simply renounced that idea and began considering finding a new hosting packages provider. I shared my plan with virtually everyone I was acquainted with who had a clue about web sites and the web in general, so a comrade of mine presented to me the site NTChosting.com and exclaimed: "Here you go! Cut-price website hosting plans! And a free-of-charge domain name!"

I Discovered My Hosting Solutions Provider! Hurrah!

It goes without saying that initially I presumed that he was joking, but he wasn't. These fellows from NTChosting deliver reasonable website hosting packages - on shared servers, which does not appear to be a concern when it comes to small and average-sized sites. In addition, they are based in the UK, and have hosting servers in England. Well, not only - but also in the United States of America, Sweden and Australia, but what I was searching for was a UK-based hosting solution anyway. The biggest bonus, however, is that they give you a free-of-charge domain name if you sign up for 1 year rather than paying on a monthly basis! That is not valid for .co.uk domain names, unfortunately, since they are registered for a period of two years by default, but .com, .net, .eu, .info and several other domain names come for free, so how could I resist this free offering?

I'm Enjoying My New Web Hosting Provider!

With the free domain name registration and their low domain name and hosting package prices, these fellows persuaded me. I did sign up and even received a tool that could help me create my site - it is called Site Studio. A site builder with - I did attempt counting but lost count! - more than seventy web site skins suitable for both business and personal web sites. Now, isn't that fantastic? And the bonuses continue! I am one fortunate girl! Now, enough chatter from me, I should proceed with the creation of my website work of art!